Great 1-Year Software Bundle Offer

Buy 2 Great Windows Programs for the price of one!
** How is this offer different from a regular purchase of these programs? You get free updates for 1 year only. That's the only difference.

AvniTech Desktop Programs for Windows

Please see Terms and Conditions at the end.

WhizFolders Notes Outliner--Organize and Outline all kinds of notes, ideas, links
Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP

Save and recall a variety of information in Rich Text with links, pictures and OLE objects.

Get product details from web site.

ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer

ShowSize--Clean up Hard Disk Space. Locate and remove space-hogging folders and files.
Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP

Find disk space usage by folders, files, file types, and file owners.

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Terms and Conditions for Software Bundle Purchase

Get both the above programs in the Bundle

Software will be provided by instant download after your purchase. You can save the downloaded installer and license key for installation on other computers.

Get more programs as bonus!

More programs will be added to the bundle soon and you get them free if released within 1 year after your purchase.

Get Free updates for 1 year. Software keeps running.

Updates will be provided for 1-year from a self-support web site. After 1 year, the updates stop but the software keeps running and can be activated. You can always send email in case of problems and we reply fast.

Use the software on up to 3 computers

Use the same downloaded installer and codes to install on other computers.