If you purchased WhizFolders before 1 April 2020, you must buy an upgrade

If you think you are eligible, please find your Purchase notification Email from FastSpring and click on the same download link to get the latest version. If it doesn't work then it means your purchase is not eligible for a free upgrade. In any case, you should have saved your installer and license codes in order to be able to install the software again. We have been recommending the customers all along to do that in the Purchase Notification Email. Next time you buy, please don't forget to do that.

Contacted us and didn't get a reply? Please check your SPAM folder.

We reply thrice a week to to the queries sent using this contact form. If you didn't get the reply, please make sure that our reply from support address didn't land in your SPAM folder or was not blocked by your mail server. We usually send 2 copies of the reply from two different email addresses to increase our chances of reaching you. You may also try using another email address to see if our reply can reach you there.
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You can also send email to me by making an email address this way: prefix "support@" to the web site address avnitech.com.

Order and Billing related queries?

Please use this self-support web site on FastSpring: FastSpring Consumer Support.