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File Tree for Windows 10

FREE Disk Space Analysis App from Microsoft Store
View a Tree and Chart of File & Folder Sizes to help in Disk Cleanup

  • A new kind of File Explorer that shows a complete tree of Subfolders and Files with their sizes in the same tree list.

  • The list can be seen in bigger font, making it easier to visually find large files and folders located deep inside the folder structure.

  • File Tree shows Folder Sizes and includes a Top Items Disk Usage chart. Hence, you can use File Tree as a Disk Space Analyzer to do disk cleanups effectively on hard disks or on cloud drives.

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Tree List of Files and Subfolders

Features include a clickable Top Items Chart to show most significant folders and files, text size selection, better file size display, ability to open an item in Windows File Explorer, and more.

Top Items Chart

Top Items Chart

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