Easy Note Taking Software for Windows
Add notes quickly to a list without worrying about file names. Rearrange by simple drag and drop.

  • Rapidly create notes without worrying about disk file name for each note.
  • Your notes appear as notes and sub notes in a Tree List, just like a Table of Contents in a book.
  • This is called "Outlining" that helps you think, write and learn better.
  • Easily locate a note in this Tree List by a title. The title of the note can be long and descriptive with no restriction of special characters as in file names.
  • A note can have Rich Text formatting like bold, italic, font choices and more. Insert pictures and links going to other notes, files or web sites.
  • Find many more features listed at the end, like tags and search to find notes, print a nice book of notes, recover deleted and changed notes, web clippings with locations via clipboard and more.

Discover many uses of this amazing desktop application that runs on Windows 10 / 7.

Easiest Note Taking Software
Version 7.2.2, Date published: August 12, 2019, Category: Productivity, Note Taking

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Testimonials that say it all

"I use it for my research and I can't imagine a writing program that is more efficient. It's the perfect tool for any multipotentialite who loves nothing more than to have a tool that organizes and connects the wide range of ideas and thoughts we have floating around in our head."
"What I appreciate is your focus on notes. I'm so tired of programs that start out well-composed but then think that they must add more and more features to become 'multi-purpose' and end up clogging themselves with lots of junk that most users don't need or want. Notes are at the core of what most of us do, and a program that optimizes note-taking and management will always be of great value."
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A 1-minute Video that shows how the outined notes present a better overview that helps in research, thinking and learning

A Hierarchical List of Notes combined with a Rich Text Editor lets you put this software to many different uses.

  • Use it as a Notes Organizer: Manage hundreds of notes in separate, tabbed notebook files.
  • Use it as a Writer's Outliner: Write your book in a hierarchical outline consisting of short notes and combine them later to produce a draft. Notes Organizer Software
  • Use it as a Thinking Aid or Idea Organizer: Brainstorm your thoughts and ideas by arranging them in a hierarchy.
  • Use it as a Research Tool: Collect bits and pieces of information from Internet and other applications through auto-paste and then reorganize them.
  • Use as a Knowledgebase software to keep Tips and Articles: Used in this way by professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Managers and Teachers. The templates feature helps tremendously for such use.
  • Use it as a Study and Learning Tool: Learn complex subjects easily by outlining your study notes in small understandable chunks and in a hierarchy and sequence better understood by you rather than following the sequence in a book. Paste pictures of diagrams or even text from Ebooks whenever possible to save your time.
  • Use it as Journal Daily Diary Software: There is no restriction on the length of the Rich Text note with Pictures that you can put in each day item. Use a Setting to automatically use Date and Time in the Note Titles to use as a Journal that supports rich text and pictures.
  • Use it as a Simple Free-format Todo List: Again, there is no restriction on the length of the Rich Text note with Pictures that you can put in each Todo item. Further, you can wwitch on a setting to show check marks against note titles.
  • Use it as a Free-Format Calendar containing unlimited Rich Text notes with pictures: You can download a Free Calendar file with special links going to next or previous day, week, month as well as a direct access to each date, week or month from the list.
Note taking and cross thoughts

Don't lose precious cross thoughts. Give your mind the tool that it deserves.

Do not lose brilliant ideas. Write them down and brainstorm them with this organizer software While writing your notes and ideas, you often get a cross-thought, that "other" brilliant idea that pops up in your creative mind unexpectedly. You may have had a tendency to ignore cross-thoughts all along just because your software made it inconvenient to note that down elsewhere. Don't do that. WhizFolders makes it easy to write down a cross thought as a separate note, and have a link going to it from the current note if it is related.

Major distinguishing features of WhizFolders as Note Taking Software

Tree list of note titles

Convenient tree list to manage and outline notes by their titles. A list is better for managing your notes as compared to a word processor or editor where too much scrolling is involved.

Powerful rich text editor

You can insert pictures, tables and OLE objects, such as Excel Spreadsheets. What's the use? You can keep usage notes about the spreadsheet in the same note.

Find notes by Keyword Tags

Assign Tags (Keywords) to your notes and find them easily. Tags are used to assign relevant terms not present in the actual text of a note.

Changed notes archive

If you accidentally changed or deleted a note, you can recover them from a "changed notes" database.

Logical search with AND, OR

You can find one or more notes easly by doing a boolean search for words with AND, OR, NEAR. Regular Find Text for exact text is also there.

Print full or partial list

Just select complete or partial list of notes and do a print or export to get a merged draft that you can use in your word processor for those final finishing touches. A copy, paste operation can also merge the selected notes, with or without headings, with or without level indents.

Clipboard auto collect

A note is automatically pasted when you do a copy to clipboard in another application. There is no need to switch back and forth between the other application and WhizFolders.

Web clippings

When you paste information from a web site, the location is automatically pasted for reference. This is a great way to quickly collect information from the Internet and later research it by using the links pasted with them.

Highlighting a note in the list

You can highlight specific notes in the list by changing their highlight color or by changing the icons.

Connect notes with links

You can insert links that allow you to jump from note to related notes. Helps tremendously when reviewing and brainstorming the notes.

Bookmarks for files and web

You can insert links going to external files, folders and web sites. So you can use WhizFolders as a launchpad or bookmark manager with the added feature of keeping helpful notes about those links.

Inituitive copy, paste with merge

Copy, paste works just the way you would want it to work. If you copy some notes and paste them in the same or another list, the child notes are automatically pasted. If you paste them in an external application like Microsoft Word, a merged copy is pasted.

Precise drag and drop

When dragging notes in the tree list from one position to another, precise drop marks appear to guide you as to where the dragged notes will be dropped. You can drag and drop multiple notes and even complete branches of notes. Alternatively, buttons are also there to move or change levels of the notes in the tree list.

Word compatible RTF export

You can export the merged outline (a bunch of notes) in Word compatible RTF or outline format. This helps give fine finishing touches to your final draft in Word.

Todo List or Task List

You can turn your notes list into a simple, free format To Do List by showing Checkmarks on each note. See the presentation for an example.

WhizFolders is also a powerful outliner. If you have only done outlining in an editor or word processor, this is different!

The note titles are outline items

In WhizFolders, you outline the titles of the notes in a powerful tree list with drag and drop features. If you have never outlined in a list before, you will love this aspect. See the presentation to know how this gives you the combined power of an outliner and an organizer.

Word-wrapped outline items

You don't have to horizontally scroll the outlining list to see complete note titles. Each title is word-wrapped.

Hoisting and hiding

You can hoist part of an outline to concentrate on it. Other parts of the outline are hidden from you to avoid distraction.

View combined outline of notes

WhizFolders is primarily a two-pane outliner. But at times, you want to view the complete outline along with note contents, indented. Deluxe edition supports this feature.

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